Instructions for Assigning Investigative Services

Thank you for choosing Chicagoland Investigative Services to assist you with your investigation. Please complete this form with as much information as possible. We will contact you directly within 24 hours, or you can contact us anytime at
1-800-556-8289. All captured information is secure and will be encrypted when you press submit. You will receive a confirmation message after submitting. All inquiries are confidential.

If you have supporting documents: subject photos, prior reports, official records, etc....
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Claim / Loss Information

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Assignment Information

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Be sure to include any information you feel will be helpful in assisting CIS with your investigation request. If there is a trial/hearing date known, we'll be sure our investigator will be available for testimony.

A CIS Representative will contact you prior to initiating any investigative services.

Subject / Claimant Information

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    The more info you can assist us in compiling will increase our odds of uncovering more information relevant to the claimant via our Social Media Search, Background Search & Proprietary Records Database.

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    What hobbies or interest are you aware of the claimant being involved in? Do they fish/hunt? Ride motorcycles? Active with their children's sports teams? Is there a birthday/anniversary in the family coming up? These details provide more options when preparing our investigation strategy.

  • Location:
  • Location:
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Are there any upcoming appointments the claimant may be attending? IME, Medical, PT. These are excellent opportunities to identify the claimant in a different atmosphere. Our experience has found claimant activity levels to be significantly higher on these days.

  • Aliases / AKA / Other
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  • Hair Style / Length:

  • Names / Dates of Birth:

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